Top 6 Audiobooks of 2021

From long commutes to the longer drives, search the best and right audiobook that can suddenly change the dreary and monotonous journey to delightful moments. Our selection of best audiobooks will keep you joyful and entertained. So, let get started to find the best reading ideas. 

The Hunting Party, By Lucy Foley

The hunting party created by Lucy Foley is the best and informative audiobook that gives you a fun and ridiculous story. You may hate some of the characters, but it works perfectly for the audiobook. The story may switch among various characters and each character has their own voice actor. 

Why We Sleep By Mathew Walker

We are constantly told about the importance of sleep. This audiobook will provide the amazing meaning of sleep. Why we Sleep offers an extensive and thorough review of each aspect of sleeping and also explains how it can affect mental wellness, longevity, and physical health. The book was written by sleep researcher and neuroscientist. This audiobook makes for informative and engaging content related to sleep. 

Heads Will Roll By Kate KcKinnon and Emily Lynne

If you have been in the Game of Thrones Withdrawal, then check out this amazing and fantasy audiobook written by Emily Lynnee and Kate KcKinnon. The audiobook consists of 10 episodes series that feature the voice talents of Carole Kane, Andrea Martin, Aidy Bryant, and Audra McDonald. 

Stamped: Racism and Antiracism by Ibram X.Kendi 

The audiobook is the No. 1 New York bestseller because it gives crucial, timely, and empowered exploration of antiracism and racism in America. The book is not about history but is about here & there. The book is about race and the construct of race used to gain and keep power for creating dynamics. The book shines a light on many insidious forms of ideas related to racist. The book is released in March 2021 and Narrated by Jason Reynolds. 

The End of the Affair by Graham Greene 

The end of the affair is the classic novel that is the semi-autobiographical account of adulterous jealously of the man towards his love. After breaks-off unions, he is consumed by the insecurity. He hires the private investigator and suspecting that she is seeing someone else. The book was published in 1951 by Graham Greene and narrated by Michael Kitchen. This book records more hate instead of love. This is the novel that is full of realistic, rage, and pain. 

Sherlock Holmes By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

It is another best audiobook that gives you an amazing story. The book is written by Actor Stephen Fry that is an audiobook legend. He put these books into historical context and tell the story of Molly Maguire. The narration of the story is also awesome because he brings a sense of humor and warmth to the characters. The book is highly recommended for all ages. 

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