How to make your home really cozy: 5 tips!

Home is where the heart is, where we feel safe and happy, where we relax from work, where we can be ourselves and where we spend time with our family. So how do you make your home a place where you actually feel home? Lets discuss some of the latest home decorating trends.

1. Cozy Fabrics

Yes, please use a lot of carpets, pillows and blankets. These soft textures create an instant intimate style. You will be able to cozy up anywhere you want. They are easy to replace and combine. 

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2. Green plants

Green plants, are a must. They clean the air for you and the green color gives you a positive vibe. The olive tree with its soft green coloured leaves is one of the most trendy plants at the moment. Use different styles of pots, use big and small plants and place a plant for example on top of a nice side table.

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3. Vintage accents

A great way to get rid of the all-modern interior and create a more personal style is to add vintage items. Anything is possible, but don't overdo it, one or two statement pieces is enough.

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4. Clay and Earthenware

Aged decorative items are more and more appreciated at the moment. Especially combined with vintage furniture. Soft colors, imperfect shapes and finishes. Very personal and characteristic. 

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5. Wicker Furniture

Back from the past, wicker and rotan furniture balance modern and traditional styles. Add wicker lightning or rotan chairs and tables to get a fresh and surprising style.

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Of course, these are just general trends and your home is your personal place. Therefore, make it personal and make sure you enjoy being home. That is the most important consideration you need to make when (re-)decorating your house. Have fun!


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